Loose Girl

Well, today my children were book orphans because I both started and finished a book. That hasn’t happened since the last Harry Potter, I don’t think. What was the book, you ask?

Loose Girl, by Kerry Cohen. It was excellent. Raw, and honest, and ugly, and beautiful. Really good read. Go get yourself one.


5 thoughts on “Loose Girl

  1. Have you read “Promiscuities” by Naomi Wolf? Along the same lines… I think. It’s next on my list of must reads. But now I have to read “Loose Girl” too! I find books faster than I can read them! AHHHH!

  2. I just finished reading this book and I really loved it. It spoke to me on a level that not many people want to speak on. There is a lesson in this book for me. Now, I have to reread it so I can learn it!

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