dangit Hala

You keep opening my mind. If you keep this up I’ll get obsessed with disability advocacy and dammit I don’t want another obsession!

Fascinating post on taking back the term ‘retard’ in the same manner as queer and crip.


2 thoughts on “dangit Hala

  1. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? Regarding the message-board thread where this all started, I cannot tell you how much I’m over people who “work with” disabled populations telling me what they decree these populations shall be called. You… don’t get to decide that. Sorry.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re along for the advocacy ride, personally.

  2. Fee—we might take up on that sling fitting offer. Lisa is really skinny, and I’m really not, and we need someone to measure that’s in the middle :). I’ll let you know!

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