Happy new year

So long 2012!

Bede went to Mass this morning with Sean, Faith and Abby while I stayed home with the other kids. He wanted to go, so of course I let him go. It was his first time at English Mass. Sean said he kept shushing people. I guess it’s noisier than the Latin Mass.

He’s very much interested in the Eucharist. Our priest wants all first communicants to make their first confession prior to receiving first communion, so that’s my plan. Loyola Press makes an Adaptive Reconciliation Kit which I’ll get. They also make an Adaptive First Communion Kit, but it is keyed to the English liturgy and largely inapplicable to the Latin.

A few weeks ago, he was loud in the sanctuary. I stood up and left with him, which he did not want, and sat down with him in the narthex. He was crying as we sat down, and I said he could go back in once he was quiet. This started a new burst of moaning and weeping, mostly incoherent, but then he pulled his face up, tears on his cheeks, and said “But Mom! Am I Catholic?”

I said he certainly was.

He quieted down rapidly and we went back in.

My Catholic boy.


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