Friday Roundup February 27 2015

Here’s what caught my eye on the internets this week!

Polish game recreates communist shopping hell – it’s like an anti-Monopoly. A printable English version is here.

Rock, Paper, Scissors of PC Victimology: Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews – It’s National Brotherhood Week!

Unschooling: The Case for Setting Your Kids Into the Wild – “What if they want to be doctors? They will be doctors. What if they want to be lawyers? They will be lawyers.”

9 things everybody should know about measles – Also, #10: for nearly everyone, it isn’t a big deal to get the vaccine or to get the measles. So, you know, get the vaccine if you have a chance.

The Life Of A Hand Model: Inside The Secretive World Of Parts ModelingRemember George Costanza and his oven mitts?


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